Sherwood Park and Edmonton braces

A complete invisible system
Show the world your smile, not your braces.

Don’t settle for showing the world your braces – show them your smile!

The Harmony System is placed on the back side of the tooth, so you are the only one who knows you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

A made-to-measure smile

Dr. Hussain custom designs your ideal smile using cutting-edge technology. The treatment process starts with a thorough digital scan of the teeth, which are comfortably straightened following Dr. Hussain’s plan. Robotically bent arch wires are constructed specifically for you, leading to a completely personalized treatment solution.

The Harmony System is individually tailored to help reach your perfect smile easily and quickly.

A faster treatment

Benefits of the Harmony System:

■ Brief appointments

■ Speedy treatment time

■ Fantastic results

Engineered to be smooth and barely noticeable, the Harmony System helps you rapidly and comfortably adjust to orthodontic treatment.  The integrated self-ligating technology allows for more control in the hands of Dr. Hussain to accurately straighten your teeth. The self-ligating technology also rids patients of elastic O-rings and results in reduced friction in the mouth, resulting in a more pleasant treatment experience.

An improved comfort

By utilizing proprietary CAD/CAM technology, the Harmony System can precisely align even the most crooked of grins.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hussain and learn how to receive your customized digital solution.

HARMONY offers an invisible orthodontic solution that is digitally customized for each and every patient.


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