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What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Off?

by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Dec 13, 2019 12:36:00 PM

The day you have been waiting for is finally here: you’re getting de-bonded.

Needless to say you’re ecstatic to get rid of you elastics, brackets and everything. As excited as your are, there are still some important things you need to do. 

1. Set your appointment

Now this might sound a little redundant, obviously you’re going to set an appointment but WHEN you schedule it for is the important part. When you get your braces debonded, your teeth might feel a little… different to say the least. Letting them have a little break would probably be in your best interest. 

It’s recommended to book your debond appointment for a day where you have the remainder of the morning, afternoon or evening to rest.

2. Don’t set your hopes too high
As thrilling and long-awaited this is, it’s important to remain realistic. Things can change, the appointment isn’t set in stone so it is subject to change. It’s possible that your teeth could shift in between appointments or need a little more time. 

If your appointment gets delayed, don’t get disheartened. Your hard work has paid off and your new smile is right around the corner. 

3. Keep up your cleaning routine

Just because your at the end of your journey doesn’t mean you can slack now. You’ve worked so hard keeping an immaculate cleaning routine so don’t stop now. This isn’t the time to slack, so keep up the good work! 

Now, if you weren’t so great with brushing your braces you might have “white scars” or white spots. This happens when you don’t brush your teeth enough while you have braces. When food or bacteria is left in contact with the enamel for too long, it dissolves the calcium and other minerals on the surface resulting in white scars or spots. 

Best way to prevent white scars or spots: BRUSH YOUR TEETH. 


4. Don’t expect to be in and out

Getting your braces off isn’t going to be a in-and-out process. Expect to spend approximately an hour in your appointment. Although taking off your braces won’t take too long, the cleaning process after might. During this appointment you might also be fitted for your retainer. 

5. Expect some "odd" sensations

During your removal process, there’s going to be some new sensations going on. The orthodontist will use special pliers to remove the brackets, they will gently squeeze each individual bracket. This little squeeze will separate each bracket from your tooth. 

While this squeezing is going on, you may hear some odd sounds like cracking or popping. This is completely normal. You also might experience some minor discomfort or pressure. This, again, is completely normal. 

This process is relatively painless so don’t worry about it hurting badly.

6. Scrapey Scrapey
Now after your brackets are removed, your orthodontists will remove the dental cement or glue using a special tool. This process might feel a little uncomfortable since they are scraping your teeth.  

Be patient though, we know you’ll be dying to see your teeth but there’s still a couple more steps to go.

7. Make the retainer
After your teeth are clean and smooth, it’s time to make your retainer. Wearing a retainer after getting your braces is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. Only by wearing your retainer will you be able to keep your new smile forever, your teeth need time to get used to their new positions otherwise they will shift back to how they used to be.

 The retainer helps your teeth RETAIN their position. Follow all instructions given to you by your orthodontist.

8. Go out and show off your hard-earned smile

Now you’re all done! Braces removed, retainer being made, brand new smile grinning! All your hard work is finally done and you’re going to be left feeling satisfied, confident and proud (or at least you definitely should)! 

One last thing to note, there would be no point in doing all this hard work if you weren’t going to try and keep it forever Maintaining your dental hygiene and wearing your retainer will keep your brand new smile looking pretty forever, so don’t slack now that you’re done. 

Other than that, go enjoy your hard-earned, healthy, straight smile! 


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