How to Prioritize Your Family's Smiles This New Year

by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Jan 17, 2020 11:45:00 AM

It’s the new year, so why not kick it off right? Let’s make 2020 the year of great memories, great experience and especially great smiles. 


1. Get your 7 year-old into a orthodontic consultation

Now, this might seem a little bit young but it’s actually the perfect age to bring your child into get evaluated by an orthodontist. At age seven, the orthodontist will be able to see your child’s eruption pattern and be able to identify any major concerns that may need intervention. 

It’s always a good idea to bring them in early rather than not at all. Early detection of orthodontic issues can save you money and shorten your child’s treatment time as well. 


2. If you have a retainer.. WEAR IT

So many cases that come back to orthodontic clinics are retainer relapse. We cannot stress how important wearing your retainer is, the whole point of going through your braces or Invisalign journey is to get a healthy straight smile. By not wearing your retainer, your teeth can shift back to their old positions. 

If you integrate wearing your retainer into your oral health routine, it can become second nature. Retainers are the only way to prevent your teeth from shuffling back to their old positions and RETAIN the smile you’ve worked for. 

If your retainer no longer fits… see the next step.

3. It never hurts to checked out

If you have some concerns or even insecurities about your smile, it’s time to come in and get checked out by an orthodontist. Most orthodontist offices have free consultations or can do one for a low-fee, in your initial consult they’ll be able to assess your smile, teeth and jaw. If something is off, they’ll be able to provide you background on the issue as well as what your treatment could possibly look like. 

2020 is the year to claim as yours. Prioritizing your families’ oral health will be a major key in unlocking all great opportunities. 


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