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Pure Orthodontics Blogs

by Dr. Amer Hussain, on May 5, 2021 12:56:40 PM

Now, we know what you are thinking. Why would we write an article defining invisible braces? The answer is pretty clear, isn’t it? Or so it seems. With growing trend …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Apr 19, 2021 2:18:28 PM

If you ever thought about straightening your teeth but don’t want to get traditional braces, chances are you’ve considered getting Invisalign or clear aligners. Invisalign and clear aligners can produce …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Mar 18, 2021 12:20:03 PM

As an adult, we like to be sure of the choices we make. Like you for example, you’ve made the decision to straighten your smile, which is great! And you’ve …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Mar 11, 2020 8:18:12 AM

You only ever want the best for your child, you want them to grow up healthy, confident and happy. But what if something was holding them back from achieving this? …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Feb 20, 2020 10:11:41 AM

It’s one of the most romantic times of the year, that one special day when you can get all up in your feels with that one special someone. But there …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Feb 17, 2020 10:00:00 AM

It’s known knowledge that orthodontics can help you get a straighter, healthier smile but did you know it can also help you save money as well? When you straighten your …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Jan 17, 2020 11:45:00 AM

It’s the new year, so why not kick it off right? Let’s make 2020 the year of great memories, great experience and especially great smiles. 1. Get your 7 year-old …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Jan 14, 2020 3:02:00 PM

When it comes to the different types of braces, most people only think there’s one type of braces. But in reality, there are actually a variety of braces that all …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Jan 11, 2020 10:51:00 AM

Whenever we hear braces, we usually think of adolescent or teenager, but that is no longer the case. Adult braces are becoming more common as more adults opt in for …

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by Dr. Amer Hussain, on Jan 8, 2020 10:45:00 AM

You want to correct some orthodontic issues, whether that is crowded teeth or maybe they’re just a little crooked. That’s great! Making the decision to straighten your teeth is a …

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Invisalign Vs. Braces

Invisalign and braces both offer unique advantages and disadvantages. The differences between Invisalign and Braces are listed here More About braces vs Invisalign →

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